Family and Consumer Sciences Education Students’ Assessment of their Understanding of the North Carolina Secondary Family and Consumer Sciences Programs of Study and FCCLA


  • Cheryl Lee


After completing the “Introduction to Family and Consumer Sciences Education” course at Appalachian State University, students completed a self-assessment regarding their knowledge, awareness, and abilities related to the North Carolina family and consumer sciences (FCS) education programs of study and Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA). Students rated themselves as being most knowledgeable about the middle school, foundational, and beginning specialized FCS courses, while feeling less prepared to teach the upper-level career-based courses. Regarding FCCLA, students reported being more knowledgeable about FCCLA resources and promotion of FCCLA to the community; in addition, they felt capable of developing an effective program of work for their chapters. While students felt they had a sound understanding of FCCLA STAR events, they did not feel the same about their understanding of the FCCLA National Programs.






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